Beginner’s Guide: Part 5 of 9

Visualize your data on a Dashboard

In Dashboards you can gather the information and insights that are important for you. A dashboard is made up of widgets which represent data values from reports in the Table Explorer.

vScope comes with a set of dashboards that are intended to help you get started right away. Find all our available dashboard and their underlying reports at Report Packs – vScope.

However, sometimes a dashboard might contain a widget that’s not really relevant for you. If you want to change anything on one of our dashboards, simply create a copy of a dashboard and adjust the dashboard after your preferences as demonstrated below.

Stay updated with vScope

If you’re interested in a more in-depth breakdown on how to build a dashboard, then head on over to Dashboards – vScope Support. Otherwise, continue to the next part of this introduction where you will learn how to use vScope to keep you updated on important changes in your IT environment.

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