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Gain better visibility and increase utilization of your storage

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Maximize utilization and ensure cost efficency

vScope Storage offers an intuitive way to overview usage and configurations of storage systems. NAS, SAN and similar storage solutions have dedicated management tools that often require expertise to operate. Creating storage reports, and optimizing for better utilization and cost efficiency can be time consuming an depend on key persons.

With vScope Storage you can collect relevant information from a single view, build proactive analysis and share reports with your colleagues. No prerequisites needed to get started which means that vScope Storage is the product for both management and technicians looking for better insights about storage.


Smarter investments and better utilization of storage

Make storage information more accessible

The possibility to visualize important information for the whole IT organization is one of the greatest benefits of vScope Storage. No need to rely on a colleague to gather the information for you! Safely sharing limited view external reports with parties outside of IT makes the Storage product helpful when communicating with system owners and planning for resources in your cross organizational projects.

Better information means smarter decisions

Having access to accurate information facilitates smarter decisions related to capacity planning and storage investments.

Analysis for guidance and compliance

Ensure that your storage configurations is on par with industry best practice. vScope’s bundled analysis will highlight important deviations and guide you to compliance and more secure storage.


Capacity, usage and forecasting

Determine storage capacity and usage trends

Make smarter investments based on more accurate information.

Find and resolve storage bottlenecks

Solve infrastructure bottlenecks by quickly pinpointing LUNs or other subsystem flaws.

Detect failure of subsystem flaws

Track dependencies between machines and storage arrays and avoid downtime related to misconfigurations of subsystems.

Key Features

vScope Storage enables a variety of use cases for IT organizations.

  • Inventory the state of SAN systems, disk drives, snapshots, storage pools and more

  • Estimate lifetime of disks

  • Predict fill rate and estimate future capacity needs

  • Automatic health checks of disk drives

  • Bundled alerts about storage errors

  • Get notified about issues with LUNs, pools/RAID groups, disks and more

  • Plot graphs about fill rate and storage utilization

  • Customized tagging for easier categorization of storage resources





Dell Compellent

HP StorageWorks (eg. HP 3par)

IBM Storwize



Other SAN solutions supporting SMI-S

Data & Information
  • Percentage data read/written
  • Average data read/write size
  • Pools
  • Total read/write IO
  • Tier
  • Health status
  • Manufacturer
  • Serial number
  • Interface

And 50+ more

Reports & Analysis
  • A-SIS Deduplication not run in past 7 days
  • Backup error
  • Most recent NetApp snapshot is older than 7 days
  • SAN Storage pools with high usage (85-95%)
  • CommVault Backup Snapshot till available
  • NetApp volumes Autosize is disabled
  • Volumes using Thick Provisioning

And 20+ more

Supercharge your organization with IT inventory!

vScope is trusted by companies worldwide, spanning various industries, to enhance IT collaboration and elevate quality standards.

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