Automated IT-inventory
of your container infrastructure

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An intuitive way to understand the container environment

vScope Container requires no prerequisite knowledge of neither scripting, containers nor software oriented architecture. Quickly get a full overview of all containers, engines and images, and start distributing reports with important metrics to teams and stakeholders.


Automatic & easy to use

Keep a streamlined container environment

Keep the container environment streamlined, with help from vScope’s bundled suggestions for performance optimization.

Intuitive for anyone to use

vScope Container needs no prerequisite knowledge about containers, and provides instant value to anyone – professional as well as beginner.

Transparent and collaborative communication

Reporting, exporting and integration are some of the features of vScope that will allow you to easily distribute information about your container environment to different teams and stakeholders in the organization.


Keep the container environment nice & tidy

Identify containers that have finished a long time ago

Find unused containers and remove them to clean up your container environment.

Track misconfiguration

Containers might due to various reasons get stuck trying to restart. vScope will automatically highlight these containers and their restart policies for you.

Holistic view of the container environment

Build custom reports or alerts about all engines, containers, images and volumes in your environment.

Key Features

  • Reports about image sizes and containers that use them

  • Find the most used repository for the container images

  • Identify image sprawling

  • Plot graphs of volume growth

  • Identify maximus growth capacity of the container service

  • Understanding the underlying network mapping

Product specification



Data & Information
  • Container Status
  • Container Restart Policy
  • Finished Date
  • Creation Date
  • Containers Running
  • Engine Labels
  • Logging Driver
  • Directories
  • Repo tags
  • Docker version

And 50+ more

Reports & Analysis
  • Containers not run for 7 days
  • Containers not run for 14 days
  • New containers last 30 days
  • Containers removed last 30 days
  • Containers with restarts count higher than 3

Supercharge your organization with IT inventory!

vScope is trusted by companies worldwide, spanning various industries, to enhance IT collaboration and elevate quality standards.

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