How to improve security in your Active Directory

Align your AD with industry best practices following easy tips and tricks. Get started with our free ebook.

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    What you will learn in this ebook

    10 Active Directory Security Recommendations

    Align configurations with these industry standards to quickly improve the security of your AD.

    Mitigating Common Hacking Techniques

    Mitigate risks at an early stage by learning the most common ways for external parties to hack into your systems.

    Tiered Administrative Model

    Microsoft’s model to limit the potential reach and damage of a breach. Learn the basics and how to implement it in your organization.

    Table of content

    1. Introduction

    2. Global Threats in 2020

    3. 10 Quick Active Directory Recommendations

    4. Managing Inactive Accounts

    5. Password Settings

    6. High-risk Configurations

    7. Common Hacking Techniques

    8. Tiered Administrative Model

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