Learn more about using vScope in these tutorial videos.


Explore bundled content in vScope

Dashboards, Tables and analysis are all example of “content” in vScope. Content helps you make sense of all data inventoried by vScope. Bundled content is found in any vScope on earth, and helps vScope users around the world to get instant access to common, and standard documentation about its IT environment.


Tracking Users & Laptops with vScope

This video goes through a basic use case of finding users and laptops in vScope. Notice that vScope automatically maps any relationships between assets, in this case the laptop and the user account. This makes it much easier to explore what the IT environment really looks like.


Identifying cost savings in Azure

This is a very popular use case with vScope, finding unused Azure licenses. The way we do it in this video, is to overview license assignments and user activity. This is quite good method of identifying low-hanging fruit regarding unnecessary licensing spend.