Veeam, Veritas or CommVault?

In today’s fast-paced world, customers and employees want their data available at all times and companies can’t afford any downtime for mission-critical assets. But as we know, systems can crash for several reasons. At the same time, more sophisticated forms of ransomware are emerging putting organizations at risk.

To mitigate these risks most organizations backup their data in some way or form. The global data backup and recovery market size is expected to grow from 7.13 billion in 2017 to 11.59 billion USD by 2022. However, it’s very easy to get lost in the jungle of vendors offering backup options. To help, we’ll be taking a closer look at the three data backup and recovery providers with substantial market shares, Veeam, CommVault, and Veritas.



Veeam provides a fast, flexible and reliable recovery of virtualized applications and data. It unifies backup and replication in a single solution. The Veeam Availability suite supports entire virtual infrastructures with features such as instant file-level recovery and streamlined VM recovery, scalability, 2-in-1 backup and replication, built-in deduplication and centralized management. For more detailed information about the features in the Veeam Availability suite visit G2.

Who is it for?

Veeam works well for companies of all sizes, as they offer a wide range of features. Furthermore, Veem prides itself on being an innovator in the field, and they have a history of being first to deliver market-defining innovations, which may be the reason for their staggering growth rate.


CommVault’s Complete Backup & Recovery offers cost-effective disaster recovery on-premise, cloud and virtual environments. The platform features built-in automation, orchestration, replication, alerting, and reporting. CommVault enables customers to streamline and automate disaster recovery operations, orchestrate complex or uncommon disaster recovery scenarios, optimize costs by tailoring recovery objectives to multiple business and application requirements, and gain more security across workloads.

In addition, the IntelliSnap feature offers support for integrating with and exploiting storage hardware platform snapshots.

Who is it for?

CommVault is known for the high level of detail it provides, but this also means a steeper learning curve. However, this makes CommVault and its solutions a good fit for mid-sized organizations and the enterprises that want a high level of detail. For information about the features in CommVault visit G2.


Veritas offers several different solutions. One of those being the NetBackup platform which delivers unified data protection for any company with enterprise-class scale, performance, and extensive workload integrations. It’s designed to protect the largest and most complex heterogeneous environments; cloud, virtual, and physical applications across the enterprise, anywhere data resides.

NetBackup supports nearly every enterprise workload. For more details on features offered by Veritas visit G2.

Who is it for?

One of the strong suits of the NetBackup platform is the scalability, making it the obvious choice for large enterprises. Tests performed by Principled technologies, on behalf of Symantec (previous owner of NetBackup), showed that the platform truly performs well when scaled up. Matter of fact, according to Veritas, 99% of Fortune 100 companies use Veritas.

PUBLISHED September 11, 2019
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As you might have noticed, the offerings are similar when it comes to features. With some smaller differences that are natural as they try to differentiate from one another. Let’s take a closer look on what the customer and users of the different solutions think.

We’ll be taking a look at reviews from Gartner Peer Insight, G2 and TrustRadius. These sites are more reliable sources as reviewers are verified, reviews are veted and vendors can’t purchase ads.

That was a very quick rundown of the three largest data backup providers and their solutions. I have added som links below that can be of use if your are intrested in diving further in the subject.

For the readers that end up choosing Veeam, I’m happy to announce that we’ve released new content related to Veeam in vScope.

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