Using AND filter to list user accounts that are members of multiple groups

In this tutorial, we show you how you use AND-filters to list all user accounts that are members of multiple groups. This is just one example of using AND-filters. Learning how to create AND-filters will help you in many other cases where you want to build more advanced lists.

Video: Listing user accounts that are members of multiple groups


  1. List user accounts
  2. Add additional filters matching the groups you are looking for
  3. Merge two filter boxes to create an AND filter

1. List user accounts

The easiest way to get started is to use one of the prebuilt lists in vScope. A good starting point is the Users (Active) – Active Directory list. This will show any active user accounts found in either your on-prem Active Directory or Azure AD.

If you want to start from scratch you can choose to build a new table, selecting the user account as the asset type. Remember to add the columns and filters that list the user accounts the way you want.

2. Add additional filters

Next, you need to tell vScope which groups you want to find. Just open filters and select any number of groups. In this case, we are selecting AD\Administrators and ISL.local\Administrators groups.

By default, vScope interpret filters within the same tag as “OR”, in this case, user accounts in AD\Administrators OR ISL.local\Administrators.

3. Merging filters to create AND

We want to show the user accounts that are members of both AD\Administrators AND ISL.local\Administrators. Thus, we need to converter the OR statement to an AND statement. This can be done by clicking and dragging one filter box into the other. Drop the box and vScope will now interpret this as AND statment.

The resulting list now shows active user accounts, found in Active Directory or Azure AD, that are members of both AD\Administrators AND ISL.local\Administrators.

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FEBRUARY 26 2021
Author Soroush Pourhadi

Product Marketing

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