Improving IT security using vScope’s inventory

IT security is a top priority for organizations across the globe- for a good reason. Today more companies are affected by cyber attacks than ever before. Experts are foreshadowing that IT attacks will become even more common in the years to come. With increased control over your IT assets you can become more proactive in regards to your IT security measures.

A hacker attack that recently affected Swedish food chain Coop became a clear evidence that all types of organizations can become targets for these devastating attacks. To better equip themselves towards increased security threats organizations are utilizing more specialized solutions for IT security. Statistics from SCB indicate that 59 percent of Swedish companies employ external expertise to manage their information and IT security.

To use specialized IT security solutions is popular to protect the business from unwanted IT infringements. But there are also ways to internally secure your organization’s IT assets from unprecedented events. By gathering your IT environment into one system you will get a better overview of the assets that you manage. This will make it easier to notice if something is wrong.

Get increased insight with all information in one place

IT environments consist of an array of systems and platforms that demand various logins and competence to handle. In situations where your IT environment is under attack time is of essence. Therefore there is no time to waste being dependent on individual employees for access to specific systems and platforms. With vScope all information is neatly gathered in one place which gives you control over your information. It also makes it easier to take action when you notice something sketchy.

Proactivity instead of reactivity

To be able to predict and prevent unwanted events to happen is at the top of the wishlist for most IT security managers. With vScope it becomes easier to keep an eye on those parts of your IT environment that are extra important or sensitive. You can also set up alarms directly in vScope so that you can be notified when something unexpected happens. These alarms will allow even small IT departments to manage their IT environment without having to manually monitor it. You can even go back and discover historic events so that you can keep track of activities over a period of time.


August 3, 2021

Author Soroush Pourhadi

Anton Berghult

Product Marketing

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