3 common challenges with IT asset management

IT asset management (ITAM) is an incredibly efficient way to keep track of your IT assets- if it is executed in the right way. In this article we go through 3 common challenges associated with ITAM and how you can solve them. If you are unsure of what ITAM is we have created a thorough guide which explains everything you need to know about IT asset management.

Challenge #1: Implementing ITAM in the day-to-day operations

A lot of organizations only consider ITAM when they have an upcoming audit. This is a sign that ITAM hasn’t been thoroughly implemented in the organization. If you want to change this you can find a current ITAM task which you can build upon. ITAM works best when it is thoroughly implemented throughout the organization since it allows coworkers to stay on top of tasks instead of running behind and putting out fires. Therefore, one tip is to develop your process to prepare for audits rather than being surprised once they occur.

Challenge #2: Who is in charge of ITAM?

ITAM involves a lot of different stakeholders and transcends teams and departments. Unfortunately this means that people often consider ITAM as someone else’s problem. This can lead to confusion which eventually may lead to important tasks and activities falling between the cracks.

To mitigate this risk, try to clearly define and document the responsibilities of all stakeholders. Decide which role each department will play in order to achieve a successful implementation of ITAM. If possible, try to assign someone as the overall responsible for ITAM in order to ensure accountability.

Challenge #3: Demonstrating the value of ITAM 

Demonstrating the value of ITAM is one of the biggest concerns facing managers. Senior management can sometimes perceive ITAM as a purely administrative function that does not affect the profit or operations of the IT organization. This can be a consequence of an outdated view of ITAM as keeping inventory of assets in an Excel spreadsheet. 

To demonstrate the real, economic value of ITAM you can track ITAM spending and achievements over time. Done correctly you will be able to capture the large savings and benefits of implementing an ITAM solution. 

Make sure that the valuable information that you collect is presented to senior management and other relevant stakeholders so that it is not done in vain. Being able to remove even 30 unused licences due to your ITAM procedures can translate into significant savings and which will be valuable to senior management.


January 14, 2021

Soroush Pourhadi

Soroush Pourhadi

Customer Success

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