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New Integration: Microsoft 365 Defender

Microsoft Defender for Office 365 is a cloud-based email filtering service that helps protect your organization against advanced threats like phishing and malware attacks. Now you can collect assets and metrics from Microsoft 365 Defender into vScope to create reports, collaborate and cross-relate the information with data from other data sources.

Extend with additional endpoints and security information

Adding Microsoft 365 Defender to vScope, extends vScope’s inventory with more endpoints and security related information. It makes more assets in your IT infrastructure searchable and easy to share. With the built-in reports you quickly overview endpoints in Microsoft 365 Defender, side-by-side with information other device management systems such as Jamf, Active Directory, and Manage Engine.

Build custom reports to share with your team, schedule exports, setup custom alerts, and add proactive notifications whenever something changes. In vScope, information from Microsoft 365 Defender is treated as data from any other data source.

How to add Microsoft 365 Defender in vScope

Adding Microsoft 365 Defender to vScope is easy. Especially if have already setup the integration to Azure. As an vScope administrator, go to Discovery > Credentials, select your Azure Credential. Expand the Advanced section and ensure that the toggles under Microsoft 365 Defender are enabled. Next Discovery vScope will start collect assets from Microsoft 365 Defender making them easy to reach from eg. Search or in Table Explorer.

Good to know 👉 vScope automatically merge assets that are also found in other data sources

What we’ve learned…

  • Microsoft 365 Defender extends inventory from Azure with additional assets and security information
  • If you have already integrated vScope with Azure, all you need to to is to enable the toggles under Discovery Manager > Credentials > Azure > Advanced: Microsoft 365 Defender
JUNE 15 2022
Author Soroush Pourhadi

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