Five common challenges for IT

Today, IT Technicians are part of the back bone of any companies’ core business, ensuring that IT services are delivered as expected. In a small IT organization, they need to have a broader set of skills, while they, in a larger organization, need to excel in specific domains. However, regardless of size, we have noticed that they have several challenges in common.Technicians

1. Scripting is time consuming

Scripting is a frequently used method for a technician to get access to information. However, scripting is complex and it can take a long time to get the scripts just right. Sure, it’s possible to save scripts and reuse them, but when reports needs to be adjusted or if the request is slightly altered it needs to be rewritten.

This often turns into a complicated, difficult and time consuming process. Especially if it needs to be done across several systems at the same time. Also, to track changes over time with scripting is just impossible.

2. It’s difficult to visualize and share information

Collecting data in a command prompt isn’t always enough for an IT organization. To be able to share the information, it needs to be visualized in an Excel spreadsheet, Sharepoint page or similar. Sometimes you have to run several scripts and puzzle the material together. It takes time, is unnecessarily complex and you will never find all the dependencies.

3. Many manual routines

Monitoring systems in all their glory, but they are of limited help to keep IP plans, server documentation or patch reports updated. These are a few of several manual and tedious routines the technician performs that should be automated. But they are lacking the tools, overview and time to get started.

4. Constantly getting interrupted

IT Technicians often have a deep technical understanding of the IT, and are as a result often interrupted by colleagues in need of help. It can be about finding information or creating reports. Often they have no way to find the information themselves and thus have to go to the technicians. The technicians are used to being interrupted but it leads to less time spent on more important tasks.

5. No time for development and improvements

IT Technicians spends A LOT of time putting out fires and doing small fixes all over. That leaves little time for working on long-time improvements that are necessary to stay competitive. Such as phasing out old servers, patching machines, optimizing capacity usage, deactivating user accounts or working more proactively to avoid downtime.

What’s the solution? Less scripting and more automation

With vScope you no longer need to jump between systems and manually compile information in an excel sheet. Let vScope automatically script and compile data for you , and instead spend your valuable time on implementing something useful based on the insights.

It saves you and your colleagues time on building reports and manually updating documentation. Curious about what vScope can do automatically for you? Check out our report packs!

May 17 2019
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