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Helping you get a quick overview of and access to the information that you need.
vScope Inventory & Reporting - Full överblick av IT

vScope Inventory & Reporting

Explore, build and share reports on one common platform.

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  • Ready-to-go reports and analysis of your IT environment
  • All systems and information together in one place
  • A platform for your entire IT department
  • Just like using a search engine for your IT

An up-to-date digital copy of your IT environment

A market leading inventory function that puts you in control of your IT.

Search your IT

Explore your IT, services, and reports with the help of a search engine.

Automatic reports

vScope generates tailor-made reports about your IT on daily basis.


Track changes and follow developments over time.


Tag information and add your own notes for easy access.

Let your team easily access technical information

Standardize reporting and documentation and give your team the right tools to excel in their role.
vScope Inventory & Reporting - Standardisera formatet på IT-rapporter och IT-dokumentation

Take inventory of what you need

Choose one or more areas for the vScope Inventory and Reporting solution.


Overview of the data center, system components and relations.

  • vCenter, System Center

  • Windows & Linux Server

  • Microsoft SQL, OracleDB, MySQL

  • SCCM, Veeam, SAN

  • Azure, Amazon

Users & Groups

Reports about user accounts and license assignments.

  • Active Directory

  • Azure AD

  • Office365

  • LDAP

End-User IT

Access information about applications, installs and status of end-user IT services.

  • Windows-, Mac- & Linux clients

  • Printers

Why vScope Inventory & Reporting?

vScope underlättar samarbetet på IT-avdelningen


Make work flows more efficient and increase productivity through a collaborative approach.

vScope - Förebygg incidenter


Prevent incidents and continually improve the delivery of your IT services.

vScope: Installation tar mindre än en timme


Automated work flows allow you to spend your time doing more important things.

vScope Inventory & Reporting: Använd ett verktyg för flera datakällor


Use one tool to gain an overview of several data sources.

In good company

An award-winning product and an amazing team to ensure your success.

Swedish Association of Local Authorities and Regions

“I could finally get an overview of our entire IT environment”


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Frequently Asked Questions

How does vScope inventory?

vScope’s inventory is easy to set up and maintain as it is automated and does not require use of agents. Everything is controlled by vScope’s Discovery Manager. You can create, customize and schedule inventory based on time of day, geographic location or technical platform.

Do you offer a PoC?

You can evaluate vScope in a trial with us. Our product experts make sure you get the most out of your test period. Contact us and we’ll tell you more!

How is vScope delivered and installed?

vScope is installed on your server which gives you full control of your data. The service is accessible from your browser. Install takes about 30-60 minutes and our Product Experts support you through every step.

  • Can I track changes?

    Yes! vScope keeps you updated on everything going on in your IT environment. All changes are saved and trackable in vScope, including configurations, trends and developments.

  • Will vScope stress our network?

    No, the inventory is done with the help of standard protocols (eg. WMI, SSH,…) and will not put a large load or too much stress on your network.