Collaborative IT asset management for any team member

Every team’s favorite tool for reporting, IT asset management, and insights about the IT environment. A collaborative platform that makes data easy accessible to anyone in the organization.


  • Search, browse, and explore information from any data source.

  • Bundled reports saves you time.

  • Automated IT inventory based on powerful data collection & network discovery.

  • Easy to share and collaborate across the organization.

A single source of truth for your IT environment

IT Asset Management based on powerful inventory. Easy to access for everyone.
Search vScope for anything

Search your IT environment

Explore and discover anything in your IT environment with a simple search.

Bundled ITAM reports

vScope automatically generates reports, alerts, and dashboards on a daily basis.


Track changes and follow developments over time.


Tag IT assets based on rules or add own notes for easy classification.

This is how it works…



Connect vScope to any data source in your IT environment. Network discovery is also an option.



vScope automatically inventories data sources and discovers IT assets on your network.



Assets and data across data sources are automatically linked by vScope.



Track, discover, and explore your IT environment. Reports, insights, and dashboards are easily shared with anyone in your organization.

30+ Integrations & Connectors

vScope automatically inventories information from data sources and devices on the network.

Learn more about vScope’s integrations

Various integrations used for IT Reporting

In good company

An award-winning product and an amazing team to ensure your success
– Follow up on billing statements, license assignments, laptop documentation, versions of antivirus… There are countless reports that I might need for whatever reason.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does vScope inventory?

vScope’s inventory is easy to set up and maintain as it is automated and does not require use of agents. Everything is controlled by vScope’s Discovery Manager. You can create, customize and schedule inventory based on time of day, geographic location or technical platform.

Do you offer a PoC?

You can evaluate vScope in a trial with us. Our product experts make sure you get the most out of your test period. Contact us and we’ll tell you more!

How is vScope delivered and installed?

vScope is installed on your server which gives you full control of your data. The service is accessible from your browser. Install takes about 30-60 minutes and our Product Experts support you through every step.

  • Can I track changes?

    Yes! vScope keeps you updated on everything going on in your IT environment. All changes are saved and trackable in vScope, including configurations, trends and developments.

  • Will vScope stress our network?

    No, the inventory is done with the help of standard protocols (eg. WMI, SSH,…) and will not put a large load or too much stress on your network.