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There should never be more than one truth, no matter if you’re responsible for infrastructure, IT services, support, or security.
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Search & Navigate
Let everyone access the information they need without technical prerequisites.

Out-of-the-box reports
Make use of bundled reports to benchmark your IT against industry best practices.

Track changes
vScope gives you the power to track any changes that occur in your IT.

Collect IT assets in one place

vScope helps you centralize information about IT assets for endless purposes. Whether you work in operations, service delivery, helpdesk, HR, or any other business function, you will do a better job with the right information at the right time.

Use vScope to spread knowledge, increase productivity, and enhance business processes to meet the requirements of wherever your organization is heading.

Powerful reporting

IT consists of thousands, if not millions, of components, each with its own purpose and configuration. To manage them, you need a way to aggregate information to provide the right insights to the right people.

Reporting in vScope is easy and allows any role to create and share reports in BI format. Use built-in reports to align configurations with industry best practices, or create your own reports from scratch with no hassle.

Understanding dependencies

To unravel complex dependencies among assets, organizations need their key people to have the right permissions and knowledge, like understanding how decommissioning a specific host can effect service.

Knowing how assets relate to each other is critical to ensure efficient operations. vScope makes it easy for people to navigate service and asset dependencies.

You’re in good company – 1000+ users world-wide.

It’s in the details

Different roles need different details about assets. That’s why companies using vScope customize layouts for each asset, depending on the end-user’s use case. You can add any number of fields to aggregate the information required for each component.

Fields can be configured to represent relations, aggregations, configurations, dates, or anything that you want people to know about your IT assets.

A search engine for your IT

What would asset management be without a powerful search functionality? vScope offers not only search but a drill-down of the results as well. Using search queries allows you to do more advanced searches that otherwise would require scripting skills and/or multiple scripts to perform.

Save, share, add alerts, or schedule notifications about your searches to always stay informed.

Import data into one place

People working in IT have many important assets to manage to ensure that business is running smoothly. It can be anything from servers, user accounts, and applications to licenses, warranties, and, of course, business services.

Getting all data into vScope eliminates all silos that before prevented people from having a single point of truth that comprises all IT.

Great experience out of the box.
Really happy with the introduction and demo from the vendor, who also keeps in touch after a PoC to help out in specific scenarios.

– M. Tukara Global IT Operations Manager, BUFAB

Send data elsewhere

vScope has a first-class user interface with all necessary functionality needed to get the insights you need. However, when other systems depend on accurate data from components, you might want to send the information elsewhere.

Use vScope’s API or any bundled integrations to automate manual routines such as adding tickets to service desks, generating invoicing details, or business reporting in Power BI.

Put assets in context (ITSM/CMDB)

Setting up a CMDB can be a daunting task, so many companies still rely on spreadsheets, Visio diagrams, or people to remember configurations.

With vScope Asset Management in place, you can add plugins to put components in context. Such as service or system. With pre-configured layouts, you’ll get at flying start creating a first-class CMDB.

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