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Support Desk Dashboard

A starting point for support- & helpdesks

Gather your work and team around a single platform

To help demonstrate all the possibilities available for support technicians in vScope, we developed this dashboard. Not only can you quickly get an overview of your user accounts, clients, licenses, web certificates and more. But we’ve also modified a couple analyses so that they are better suited for supportdesks. All our prepackaged content can be used as is or as a starting point for further modifications.

Additionally with vScope you have an encyclopedia over your IT environment which in itself is pricless for support desks. But with this dashboards you can resolve issues before the support ticket even arrives.


  • User accounts and their primary devices.
  • Client OS & Hardware documentation.
  • Keep tabs on your licenses, web certificates, IIS sites, printers and more.
  • Resolve before the ticket even arrives

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