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MS SQL Database Documentation

Document every aspect of your databases

Document and browse your databases

This pack allows you to fully document and browse your databases, database systems, and database hosts. Filled with ready-to-go reports for almost every use-case! Want to get an overview of your systemDB or do you want to see what SQL jobs you have planned? No worries, this pack has the answers your looking for.


  • Instant overview of all your databases.
  • Specialized reports that displays systemDBs and/or user created DBs.
  • Get answers to all your MS SQL questions.
  • MS SQL Server Hosts
    Lists all machines hosting SQL database systems.
  • Database System Documentation for MS SQL Servers
    Basic documentation of all Microsoft SQL Servers found.
  • MS SQL Database Documentation
    Lists all the databases found on the network, and the sizes of different file types.
  • MS SQL Database Documentation without systemDB
    Lists all the databases found on the network, except the systemDBs.
  • MS SQL Database Documentation only systemDBs
    Lists all the systems found on the network.
  • MS SQL Database Systems Backing Hardware
    Displays the backing hardware for database systems.
  • MS SQL Installed Features and Add-Ons
    Lists all MS SQL features and add-ons that have been installed.
  • SQL Services
    Lists all SQL related services, not strictly MS SQL.
  • Scheduled SQL Jobs 
    Lists scheduled jobs on MS SQL server.
  • MS SQL Database Consumption
    An advanced report that lists connections to a database and the database consumers.
  • Microsoft SQL Database Server Connections 
    A report about database connections for MS SQL servers.
  • New MS SQL Applications Installed
    Lists MS SQL applications that have recently been installed on a new machine.

A dashboard that provides quick insights into the reports and analyses listed above.

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