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Microsoft Intune Overview

Get a window into the cloud

Complement your current vScope documentation with Microsoft Intune

By integrating Microsoft Intune to vScope you gain an additonal layer of information about your clients. But what can you do with this additonal layer of information? Well, connecting devices with users has never been easier now that you can view the user account that has enrolled a device into Intune. That’s just the tip of the iceberg, view all the reports and analyses included in this pack and get started by integrating Microsoft Intune with vScope.

Use cases 

  • Migration Follow-up: Utilize vScope to follow up and overlook the migration to Intune.
  • Compliance: View non-compliant clients with unsuccessful profile configurations.
  • Security & Health Checks: Find clients that are misconfigured and not encrypted.
  • Intune Client Documentation
    All client devices found in Intune. Mobile devices are not inventoried.
  • Intune Client Hardware Documentation
    All Intune clients alongside their hardware information.
  • Intune Client OS Documentation
    All Intune clients alongside their OS information.
  • Intune Client Device Activity
    Overview of the latest activity of the Intune client. The last check-in date for the device in Intune
  • Inactive Intune Clients – 60 Days
    Lists all clients that have not checked in to Intune in over 60 days.
  • Intune Client Compliance
    The compliance state of all clients in Intune.
  • Intune Client File System Usage
    Overview of the file system usage of clients in Intune.


  • Intune clients not registered in both Intune & Azure AD
    All client devices that are not registered in both the Azure AD & Intune.
  • Intune clients without encryption enabled
    All client devices found in Intune that do not have encryption enabled.


A dashboard that provides quick insights into the reports and analyses listed above.

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