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The most important insights about your clients


Quick insights about your clients

To complement the Client Documentation pack we’ve created this report pack that features some of the most important insights for your clients. It covers a broad spectrum of different use cases to help organizations quickly get started.

View the status of your clients regarding their patch level and endpoint protection alongside client hardware and software information. Everything you need in one single report pack!


  • Find not supported Windows OS
  • Client patch status
  • Compare Windows 7 to Windows 10 clients
  • Find the most common client exclusive applications.


  • Client OS Documentation
    All clients found on the network alongside their OS information.
  • Client Hardware Documentation
    All clients alongside their hardware information.
  • Changes to the number of Clients
    Lists clients that have been found and removed during the last 30 days.
  • Windows 7 Clients
    All Windows 7 clients found on the network.
  • Windows 10 Clients
    All Windows 10 clients found on the network.
  • Windows Patches for Clients
    A Windows patch report for clients. Oldest patch date is listed first.
  • Microsoft Office 365 Desktop Programs
    Basic documentation of Microsoft Office desktop applications found. Add-ons, MUIs and service packs are excluded.
  • Last Windows patch is older than 60 days (Clients)
    All clients that have not been patched in 60 days.
  • End-of-life – Microsoft Windows Client OS
    All clients running Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8.0.
  • Endpoint protection software missing (Clients)
    All running clients that are lacking endpoint protection.

A dashboard that provides quick insights into the analyses listed above.

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