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Document your Azure environment alongside your on-prem solutions


As more and more organizations are moving parts of their organization to the Azure cloud, we are noticing an increase in hybrids environments, which pose a series of new challenges.

Keeping IT documentation standardized and up-to-date within the organization can suddenly become a fulltime job, but not with vScope. The report pack focuses on giving you a quick and simple overview of your Azure environment that you can access alongside the rest of your IT documentation.

We’re continuously adding support for more resources types but currently, you have the ability to inventory the following products from the Azure portal:

  • Azure Active Directory
  • Azure Virtual Machines
  • Azure SQL Servers & Databases
  • Azure Virtual Networks
  • Microsoft Intune Clients
  • Microsoft & Office License Plans


  • Azure Domains
    All Azure domains found.
  • Azure AD User Activity
    Users in Azure AD their latest activity and sign-in location.
  • Azure License Plan Overview
    Shows license plans found and their assignment and availability.
  • Intune Client Documentation
    All client devices found in Intune. Mobile devices not inventoried.
  • Azure VMs
    Overview of Azure virtual machines.
  • Azure Virtual Networks
    All virtual networks found in the Azure cloud.
  • Azure SQL Servers
    All Azure SQL servers found.
  • Azure Databases
    All Azure databases found.

This pack also includes a dashboard that provides quick insights into the reports and analyses listed above.

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