Active Directory Documentation made easy

Automatically inventory and document users, groups and permissions with vScope

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No scripting needed

vScope automatically creates the Active Directory audit for you on daily basis without you having to write manual scripts.


Visualize configurations, accounts and permissions in a easy-to-use UI without any prerequisites needed

Find obsolete records

Quickly list all unused GPOs, groups or inactive users to be removed.

Built-in reports

Leverage from automatic reports about group policy objects, domains, users and groups.

What is included?

vScope is your go-to-place for all you need to know about your Active Directory
  • General domain information

  • Group Policy Objects

  • Users

  • Groups

  • Relationships

  • Historical traceability

Use case

How to save $8000 per year using a vScope Directory audit

Track and find inactive user accounts and remove them from your license plan.

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