Three reasons to book a vScope trial today

Taking the leap to purchase a new, comprehensive IT tool can seem both overwhelming and daunting. We fully understand that! Therefore, we offer organizations that are interested in vScope a trial where they can test the tool in their IT environment before making a commitment. It’s easy to get started as implementation of the tool in your IT environment and workshops are included. Are you contemplating whether vScope is the right tool for you and your IT organization? Here are three reasons why you should book a vScope trial today: 

1. Instant insights about your IT

An average trial lasts for 4-5 weeks and includes a couple of useful workshops in your own IT environment. You go through the tool and solve concrete use cases together with our experts. Some immediate results of the trial are reduced costs for unused licenses, an overview of inactive users and an inventory register of your assets, to name a few!

2. Long-term values are unfolded in a matter of weeks

In between the workshops you have the opportunity to navigate in vScope yourself and try out different functions and extract interesting information. Throughout the trial period an array of long-term values are revealed, such as increased efficiency, quicker access to information and improved collaboration between different organizational functions. 

3. External perspective on your IT environment

When working with the same problem for a long time, it is common to occasionally get stuck and fall into your proven way of working. As a result, other potentially more effective solutions are left unnoticed. Therefore, it can be a good idea to use the help of an external expert who can see causal relationships that are difficult to detect for someone who is more familiar with the work. 

One of the main advantages of vScope’s trial package is that you get solid support from our employees to visualize, contextualize and put your assets in relation to each other. We familiarize ourselves with your IT environment and the potential problems that your IT organization is faced with. Who knows, maybe we will find solutions that help the organization move forward?

For a small cost you get a full inventory of your entire IT environment as well as valuable support from our experts. The insights and information from the trial is yours to keep irrespective of whether you become a customer or not. The value you get from the trial will most likely exceed the price you pay. 

Contact us if you want to know more about our trials, we are here to answer your questions.

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